Standard Costs

Please find below a list of common service costs. All prices exclude parts. You are welcome to provide your own parts.

Bottom bracket
• Replacement £20 -Cartridge, external, pressfit etc.
• Chase damaged threads and facing £15


  • Disk brake bleed (road or mountain bike) £15 each
  • Cable/pad replacement and adjust £10


• Gear Indexing £15
• Groupset replacement £60


  • Wheel True £12
  • Lateral and vertical wheel true. Standard spokes are an £1 each. Straight pull, bladed etc are extra
  • Hub service £10 front,, £17 Rear Pair (f+r) £25

Seized seatpost £££
A common problem. Price wise its very difficult to say and I’m happy to have a go at removal using the common techniques but my advice would be to go to If you need to pack the bike up then I’m happy to help and can incorporate the job into a service.

Anything else then please get in touch.